Sunday, February 01, 2009

BobCar - Truck Marketing

What is a BobCar?

BobCar is the first versatile and highly engaging Mobile Demonstration Showroom and Sales Boutique that can travel and be positioned in any high traffic city, urban and suburban center: 

  • Conducting extensive product demos + actual sales of brand marketer services.
  • Giving the consumer a first-hand look, feel, demonstration of specific a product or service when they walk up to the BobCar to ask 'what is this', then directed to a participating local retail partner and/or offered the option to purchase the product/service on the spot.
BobCar - represents the very first offering in "experiential media", delivering to all brand marketers, total flexibility to create and drive ""hands on"" peer-to-peer product and service demonstrations; tightly focused market data collection, local retail bounce-back programs, active online and mobile wireless SMS + download messaging engagements; and many unique forms of measurable ""interruptive"" media experiences that quickly resonate with B2B and B2C in real time. 

BobCar - is an approachable, highly friendly, highly interactive, highly stimulating experience. 

BobCar - immediately eliminates the 'fear' and 'intimidation' factor. 

BobCar - is not obtrusive to any public or private sector. Delivering a fully turnkey packaged program, from ideation to program drawings through fabrication, all designed, managed and supervised through seasoned field and account management teams.


Anonymous said...

with brick and mortar shops like circuit city out of business I'm sure businesses like these will thrive

Anonymous said...

This marketing concept looks great!

Anonymous said...

I saw one of their mobile showrooms in NYC about 6 weeks ago. They do a great job!