Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fast Retailing

FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. and its mainstay UNIQLO operation continue to enjoy growth by offering high-quality casual wear at reasonable prices. We have done this by establishing a SPA manufacturer/retailer business model that enables us to control all stages of the supply process from product design to the procurement of materials, quality control, inventory adjustments, and end sales.
We opened our first UNIQLO store in 1984 in Japan, sparking a nationwide UNIQLO boom with our fleece campaign in 1998. Having then experienced a period of falling revenue and shrinking income, we quickly boosted our performance back up again by expanding our women’s wear appeal.
We began our expansion into international markets in 1991 beginning in the UK and then venturing into China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the USA, France and Singapore. As of end October 2009, we now boast 790 stores in Japan and 112 stores in other international markets.
We continue to transform ourselves into a successful corporate group. In an attempt to diversify our operational base, we embarked on an M&A program in 2005 and have since purchased a range of companies worldwide, including the French women’s fashion developer COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS, French lingerie brand PRINCESSE TAM.TAM, a Japanese footwear operation, Japanese women’s fashion developer CABIN, and LINK THEORY HOLDINGS CO., LTD., developer of the theory brand.

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