Wednesday, May 13, 2009

techcrunch - twitter Reaches 17 million visitors in April based on Comscore Data

Twitter Reaches 17 million page views based on Comscore Data on techcrunch which is a significant increase in domestic traffic from March which clocked in at 9 million views.

Average time on the site is roughly 8 minutes which is significantly lower than other social networking sites like Facebook. Retention rates are two times lower than where Facebook and Myspace were when they were starting out according to Nielsen per below.

What other features are in store for Twitter?


Anonymous said...

I signed up for twitter a year ago tweeted for a few days and stopped using the site since. I have a picture on there but have not since returned. ho hum

elle said...

This is really great news for all of those with Twitter apps, twitter related sites, and an interest in social media!

I think it proves that social is the way to be- and I find it a bit funny how about a year ago there were so many articles stating social media was more of 'woman' thing because we all liked to talk more, ha... perhaps were the women rule... well... the rest will follow.

Either way, Twitter is a fantastically valuable service and I am thrilled to see it succeeding the way it has.