Thursday, April 02, 2009

PC World - Top 10 Tech Job Skills in this Market

According to PCWorld, here are the top 10 valuable skills for techies out there. If you're an IT person looking to sharpen your resume pay attention to the top 10 must-have skills below.
"IT remains a real safe and interesting and high-paying place to be," says David Foote, CEO of Foote Partners, which conducts quarterly assessments of IT pay trends in the United States. "The world has embraced IT…because it enables companies to deliver cheaper and better products. I'm pretty bullish on IT."
"IT is counter-trending a lot of what's happening in the general economy," Foote says.
1. Business Process Modeling
2. Database
3. Messaging/Communications
4. IT architecture
5. IT security
6. Project management
7. Data mining
8. Web development
9. IT optimization
10. Networking


Anonymous said...

i would add server virtualization

Anonymous said...

Social and intersonal skills along with passion for war of Warcraft must have just missed the list.

Anonymous said...

Who is the beautiful woman in the really cool shirt?

Anonymous said...

Yes, cool shirt

Sarah said...

love it. just love it.