Sunday, April 05, 2009

NY News: Demi Moore Twitter Helps Save Life

Add Life Saving Tool to the growing number of uses for Twitter.

Demi Moore and her score of Twitter followers Friday helped thwart a possible suicide attempt by a distraught California woman.

"Getting a knife, a big one that is sharp. Going to cut my arm down the whole arm so it doesn't waste time," said the message sent to Moore by a user of the social networking site.

"Hope you are joking," wrote back Moore.

"Gbye...gonna kill myself now," the woman responded.

A San Jose police spokesman said the department had received a number of calls from Twitter users about the suicide threat and sent officers to the 48-year-old woman's home.

Moore's husband, Ashton Kutcher, Twitted his congratulations.

"Wifey reported a suicide attempt based on a...tweet she got and saved someones life. The woman is in the hospital now."
About 383,500 people follow Moore's Tweets.


Jeremiah said...

The word is tweeted.

Anonymous said...

Despite all the hype, Twitter never ceases to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Twitter!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised a celebrity would be so responsive.

Amy Roman said...

Shocking and thank god someone took it serious.

Anonymous said...

God bless twitter

Anonymous said...

This is more reason to make sure your family members have accounts on Twitter.