Saturday, August 25, 2007

VentureBeat: The credit crunch could help venture capitalists

"His basic argument is as follows: Investors shied away from tech stocks for years, fearing the post-2000 bubble risks. Leveraged investing strategies were perceived as less risky. For the last five years, he watched the skyrocketing returns from hedge funds and buyout funds “with jealousy,” he says. However, now we’ve just witnessed a sharp shift in perception of the risk for those leveraged investing strategies. Investors will return to things like technology technology IPO market, which is what really drives venture returns, and a reinforcing lust to invest in start-ups. Investors have finally demonstrated a willingness to buy technology IPOs. There were some 36 technology IPOs in 2006. He expects to see that number double this year: “In the middle of the liquidity crisis, VMWare went public, traded up sharply and stayed there.”

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