Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cnn: Hackers say they've unlocked iPhone

"Hackers have found a way to use Apple's iPhone on networks other than AT&T Inc's., opening up the coveted device to rival carriers and overseas customers, according to a Web report Friday.

A group called said it has developed a piece of software that, when installed on an iPhone, allows the use of rival mobile services, such as T-Mobile, according to widely followed technology blog"

It gives us great pleasure to announce the worlds first (and only) software driven sim unlocking service for the iPhone(tm). No need to open your phone. No need to solder.

Major benefits include:

Chose the provider you want, use any SIM card from any network provider in any country
No more outrageous roaming charges. When traveling simply pick the local provider of your choice and change your sim card.
Poor network coverage no longer an issue, use the network provider best suited to your region
Save money! A favorable exchange rate makes for excellent value for money when importing

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