Wednesday, August 01, 2007

CRN: VMware In Two-Week Road Show To Prep For IPO

"VMware has started its "road show" this week, one of the last steps on the path towards IPO, with Wall Street expecting the IPO to finally happen on Aug. 14.
A source close to the server virtualization software giant confirmed that the road show has started, and is expected to last two weeks, after which the long-anticipated VMware IPO will probably happen.
The road show is the time when a pre-IPO company's executives present the company to analysts, fund managers, and perspective investors in order to generate interest in investing in the company.
VMware's IPO price is expected to be between $23 and $25, according to its S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission about a month ago.
Storage giant EMC said in February that it will sell a 10-percent stake in VMware through an IPO in a move to help VMware employees realize more value from the company independently of what they receive as part of the overall EMC organization."

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