Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Testing waters in Europe and China

"For serial IT entrepreneur Sashi Reddi, India has always been the backend.

“My first company was a venture way back in 1994 when the Internet was just getting big. I started it with old friends from Wharton, where I did my PhD, and IIT-Delhi, from where I got my BTech,” says Mr Reddi who’s the founder, chairman and CEO of AppLabs, a start-up that made news when it received $17 million VC funding from Sequoia Capital India.

Mr Reddi’s earlier two companies were EZPower Systems, which was acquired by DocuCorp International and iCoop. Of course, the earlier ventures did not receive the kind of funding that AppLabs, an IT services company specialising in quality management, testing, and certification solutions, has got."

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Anonymous said...

Surfing the net...came across this article on AppLabs.
I have joined appLabs about 4 months before. i am sharing my experiences
of working in applabs with some of my friends, this is the worst company to work for.

HR department head (arunrao) promised us that they will give us 15,000/- per month.After the training is complete. But, they only gave 12,000/-. They cheated me...i went and asked them and HR department laughed at me. It insultmed me a lot.

My team lead told me that they get $3,000 for my work from client. But, they give me only $300 as salary. This is clearly exploiting the people that are in need of job.

Also, Applabs took all my education certificates at the time of joining. My uncle told me that it is illegal for anybody to hold certificates. Iam planning to go to court on this.

I requet all freshers not to join this Applabs. Applabs is very bad,

They do not give you proper computer, chairs are very bad, canteen is too bad, people are very bad.