Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Top 5 of 15 geek blog sites

") Lifehacker
Lifehackers' motto says it all: 'Don't live to geek, geek to live.' This blog offers timesavers of just about every stripe, from Firefox shortcuts to tips from the 'Getting things done' faithful.
2) IT Toolbox Blogs
IT Toolbox has a number of 'in the trenches' IT pros who talk about technology and management issues. There are specialist blogs dealing with security, databases and project management, among other subjects. It's a versatile site.
3) Valleywag
Bring in the noise, bring in the snark. Valleywag is for those who believe that the tech industry lives or dies by the scuttlebutt pinging around Silicon Valley. And it's amusing for those of us who prefer that the lotus-eaters of Northern California stick with the dishing and tongue-wagging, leaving the rest of us to get the real work done.
4) Kotaku
Kotaku is the snarky, gamer uber-blog. It has everything from reviews and gossip to cheat tips. Just about anything you'll ever need, including which game to buy and how to play it.
5) Danger Room
Wired's military and defense blog writes about some of the coolest and scariest military technologies -- not to mention scandals, debates and other military news. Lots of video and imagery are included."

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