Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mobitv CEO resigns, closes UK Office, Mobile TV Shakeout

"MobiTV, a provider of mobile and broadband television and music services, said on Tuesday that company co-founder Phillip Alvelda will step down as the company's CEO to focus on the Westminster Institute for Science Education (W.I.S.E.), an educational organization he co-founded last year.

Alvelda, who will remain chairman, said that the company has launched a search for his successor. "Given our prospects as a business, I'm confident we'll have our pick of the best candidates," said Alvelda."

"Reports suggest that mobile TV company MobiTV has pulled out of the European market. The New Media Age publication says that the company has closed its UK office after two years to concentrate on its domestic US market. No-one from MobiTV was available for comment.

As with any new service, mobile TV saw a plethora of different approaches and technologies; from streaming over 3G to dedicated overlay networks and downloads. As the early adopters try out the services and the operators analysis the feedback, these choices narrow. MobiTV uses a Java application that is either downloaded or embedded within handsets to control the viewing experience, and streams its content across the mobile network."

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