Monday, May 28, 2007

Russia's VC Boom

"When Guiseppe Zocco, a founding partner in Index Ventures, a Geneva-based venture capital firm, entered the May 24 board meeting of Ozon, an online e-commerce startup, he felt as if he could have been anywhere in Europe. The chief executive officer was Swiss, the auditors British, and the lawyers American.
If it hadn't been for the maddening Moscow traffic jams on his way to the meeting, says Zocco, he would have never even have known he was in Russia. But thanks in part to such increasingly global and sophisticated management, tech startups in Russia are coming of age. Indeed, after years of promise and potential, Russia finally looks poised to become the next hot destination for foreign VC "

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Steve Spalding said...

Now all they need to do is shut down so they can join the World Trade organization. Very good points.