Monday, March 19, 2007


"Prenova, Inc., one of the nation’s largest independent energy management solutions providers, announced today it received $3 million in venture capital funding from Siemens Venture Capital to support Prenova’s continued market growth, fueled by interest in its patent-pending technology delivery platform. This investment furthers Siemens Venture Capital’s goal to identify and fund investments in emerging and innovative technologies that will enhance the core business scope of Siemens.

“Prenova has an unmatched technology capability to manage remotely the complex enterprise-wide energy-based assets and systems for businesses,” said Todd Jaquez-Fissori, General Partner at Siemens Venture Capital. “This unique capability will help them deliver their solutions to more customers in retail, telecommunications, restaurant, commercial, and manufacturing business sectors to drive down and manage total end-to-end energy costs. Prenova serves highly referenceable, blue-chip customers who have realized significant returns on investment through their relationship with Prenova. We are confident that Prenova's solution set and experienced management team ideally position the company in a market where customers are increasingly focused on reducing and managing their energy-related expenses."

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