Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Million-Dollar Kid : Yahoo! Finance

"The government says families in the top-third income bracket will spend $279,450 to raise a child born in 2005 through age 17 -- or about $16,000 a year. The government clearly hasn't been to some kids' birthday parties lately.
In San Diego, Jacqueline Jones recently rang in her fifth year with a $1,000 mermaid-theme party. The fete, held at a community pool, included a pinata, pizza, cake, juice boxes, customized goodie bags for 20 and a former beauty queen who arrived dressed head to toe as Ariel, the Disney princess.
Jacqueline's mom, Laura, says it's worth it. 'A lot of my friends said I'm crazy, but I mean, it's for a memory she'll have forever.'"

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Jahmodi said...

$1000 is reasonable for a kid,s party,some sweet sixteens are having half-million dollar parties plus getting cars in the five figure ranges.