Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cisco CDO on WebEx Acquisition

"Cisco is an innovation company and the philosophy at the core of our innovation strategy is to use the “network as a platform” for the next explosion in business and consumer applications. WebEx fits this philosophy exactly, as their technology is network- based and hides complexity from not only users, but from their IT organizations as well.
Clearly, our view is that most forms of communications and collaboration will be provided by the IP network. Cisco is at the forefront of evolving the network from pure connectivity to a reliable, sophisticated platform for communications and IT services, and WebEx will now be our partner on this journey.
WebEx shares our vision as well as our culture. We believe we can help each other to drive greater success for our customers, and to reach more customers around the world. I am very enthusiastic that WebEx is joining the Cisco team, our mission and our passion"

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Happy said...

The obvious reason is that these collaborative business and service efforts are a large component of the future of Web 2.0 applications and is a big part of the business plans of many of the Web 2.0 companies. Good luck to them ..they are still on the top of the mountain but yeah the players as turbomeeting are slowly closing the figures.