Wednesday, March 14, 2007

GigaOM » 5 Things about Microsoft TellMe deal

"The price is over $800 million but below a billion dollars. Microsoft and Tellme are not disclosing financial details.
While Microsoft has been trying to position Microsoft Business Division President Jeff Raikes as the guy who took the lead on this deal, the truth is that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was personally handling this deal. I have confirmed this with two people.
Mobile search is the impetus behind this deal, but TellMe is making over $100 million a year from selling automated call-center services to large companies like FedEx.
TellMe is going to become an independently run subsidiary of Microsoft.
Mike McCue and other senior executives are going to stay with the company. McCue worked at Netscape. Microsoft destroyed Netscape, and now Steve and Bill are making amends, it seems "

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