Friday, March 16, 2007

50+Digital » gaining traction

"Jeff Taylor’s closed a second round of venture capital earlier this month, raising $22 million. And the site appears to be gaining traffic momentum, with sharp upward ticks in unique visitors and page views in February. The new investors are led by Charles River Ventures, and also include Intel Capital and Humana Inc. (the first round last year raised $10 million and included General Catalyst Partners and Sequoia Capital). traffic picked up sharply in February, probably the result of the site’s…uh, unusual television advertising campaign featuring none other than Taylor himself. If you haven’t seen the ad, a long-form version is posted here on YouTube. I found it a bit creepy, but you’ve got to give Jeff credit–he’s a true believer. And the marketing is working. The only other 50+ niche site with traffic sizeable enough to talk about is AARP; shows Eons’ traffic leapfrogging the mega-association unique visitor count during February. Eons tells MediaPost that it is logging about 500,00 unique visitors per month"

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