Monday, November 06, 2006

Peter Rip to Join Crosslink

EarlyStageVC: "A bit of personal news. As of November 1, I have joined Crosslink Capital in San Francisco as a General Partner. At one level the move is a small transition. I move from two additional VC partners to five. My practice has been centered on early stage, Internet services and software. That’s exactly what Crosslink wants more of.` So nothing major changes, except my commute. So why the change? In a word – Relationships.
Crosslink has consistently been a top-quartile firm with its later stage investments and crossover investments. Their ability to cross the investment spectrum is a huge advantage for limited partners. If you have read my series on Venture Capital 2.0, you know why I believe this is true. That same cross-spectrum footprint is also a huge advantage for an early stage investor like me. Let me explain why. "

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