Tuesday, August 15, 2006

nPost.com Interview with Michael Birch, CEO of Bebo

"There was currently a posting on TechCrunch about Bebo. The posting was the Bebo was approached about being acquired for 550 million. Was the posting true and how as a company do you deal with this type of situation?
First of all the rumor wasn't true.

That's too bad.
I am almost glad it happened, because it was fascinating reading the comments of people posting that it was true, so we got some interesting feedback on that, the idea that we were settling for that amount. The accusation was that we were being greedy for not accepting the 550 million, that we were holding out for more. It was completely untrue. You can't take those things seriously. I mean you just have to comment on it and say that it isn't true and just get on with it. It's just speculation and you have to deal with the public reaction to such an idea."

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