Saturday, April 01, 2006 founder in elder venture - The Boston Globe

"Jeff Taylor, the Bay State entrepreneur who founded the popular job search website, is preparing for his golden years -- and everyone else's too.
Taylor has raised $10 million in venture capital for a new project called Eons, designed to cater to the millions of Americans aged 50 or older. ''Eons' role is to see if we can shape a new era of power and fulfillment and value at every stage of life, starting at 50.' said 47-year-old Taylor. ''I don't think there's very much offered out there in terms of being inspirational or challenging to these boomers and seniors with a lot more life to live.'
General Catalyst Partners of Cambridge and Sequoia Capital of Menlo Park, Calif., teamed up to provide funding for Eons. David Fialkow, managing director of General Catalyst Partners, said that Eons will be well positioned to become a leading brand among a new generation of senior citizens.
''The market for 50-plus is growing at an unprecedented pace, with 77 million baby boomers who just started turning 60 in 2006,' Fialkow said.
While General Catalyst, founded in 2000, is a relative newcomer to the venture market, Sequoia Capital has been a major venture capital company for three decades and provided early funding for such Internet titans as Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.
Taylor described Eons as a ''media company' but refused to provide details about what features and services it will offer. He wouldn't even confirm that Eons will be an Internet business when it launches in July. But a visit to Taylor's previous venture,, suggested he was building a Web service. Eons has posted ads seeking to recruit a software engineer skilled in designing Internet applications, as well as a manag"

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