Friday, January 27, 2012

VC Bio: Phil Black

"Phil is a founder of True Ventures with an expertise in early stage investing. He worked for many years learning the venture trade while at Summit Partners and at the predecessor firm to Lightspeed Venture Partners. He spent the crazy “internet bubble” years at ABS Ventures working with John Burke, and, in 2003, they co-founded a small angel fund, Blacksmith Capital, which set him on the path of pursuing the earliest stage technology companies that wished to raise modest, initial rounds of capital. Blacksmith proved on a microcosmic level what True Ventures has been able to institutionalize: great founders of early stage technology companies can and often prefer to start their businesses and get a lot of traction with $2.5 million or less of initial capitalization.

The experience and discipline that Phil honed at Blacksmith is a critical asset to True, along with his unending passion and excitement for the early stage technology community. Phil holds an AB degree in Economics from Stanford University. He is also not afraid to have a little fun with social media and goes by the handle “MrVelvet” on Twitter. Be sure to ask him about it if you get a chance."


Ajup said...

words of wisdom: " what are you afraid of?"

Anonymous said...

So true, Mr. Black