Thursday, November 11, 2010

just because...Android

"This isn't a fad. Everybody's building tablets because it's just so important. Car companies are working on tablets, consumer electronics companies are working on tablets, computer companies are working on tablets, and communications companies are working on tablets. The medical industry is working on tablets," he said during the earnings conference call. "I don't remember in the history of computing [when] a singular device is being worked on by all of the industry."

According to CNET: Nvidia CEOs Jen-Hsun Huang said a flood of Android tablets are on the way and repeated that they have to be "truly remarkable" in order to compete with the iPad. And traditional notebooks may imperiled by the deluge, according to Huang.

"There's going to be all kinds of interesting industrial designs," he said. "And I think the high-level concept is that when you have such an incredibly low-power SOC [system-on-a-chip] then industrial design freedom really grows." He made clear during the earnings conference call that his company is working with Google on Android tablets.

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