Tuesday, October 05, 2010

CNN - Are all the good tech-company names taken?

Bebo, Etsy and Kijiji sound more like baby's first words than the names of tech companies.

But tech companies they are -- a social-networking site, an online crafts store and another name for eBay classified ads, respectively. They're also examples of how simpler, more descriptive names are harder for tech startups to come by these days, says Brannon Cashion, president of brand consulting firm Addison Whitney.
"For a company to find a name that is a common word is very, very challenging in today's environment," Cashion says. "No one is naming a company Apple anymore. Those days are really long gone."

- Simple or descriptive company names are less common in today's internet world

- With fewer domain names remaining, it makes it difficult for companies to choose monikers

- Made-up names allow a company to come up with its own definition of the word

- Natalie Avon

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Anonymous said...

Seems like that is the case. Cute is better these days. I gringe at the icons of the newest tech startups.