Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ghostnest, Inc - personalize your cabinet knobs

Guest contributor Leo Celis submits:

"Ghost Nest is a new start-up from San Francisco that has recently appeared in the marketplace as a new breakthrough and innovative web product. This start-up was developed with the latest technologies by an Argentinean company, Oh!STUDIO, who works with entrepreneurs in California.

Ghost Nest is the first and only company that makes it possible for people to personalize and buy interior hardware in ways not previously possible (e.g. cabinet knobs).

Using a product editor (built with a 3D engine in HTLM 5), Ghost Nest allows the user to upload an image and insert it into a 3D mock-up of their product, and adjust its position, size, and scale to make it a perfect fit. Ghost Nest then takes that image and makes it a reality. This start-up was built with Magento, an open-source e-commerce software, and Google Webtoolkit.

The owner, Reid Evans, is an online marketing and social media specialist in San Francisco, who takes interest in the user experience. He wants it to be the most important competitive advantage of the website.

“This idea has become a reality thanks to the work from Oh!STUDIO” -says the entrepreneur.

Oh!Studio specializes in social software development, and has clients from California, New York, Chicago and Vancouver, among others. Oh!STUDIO, unlike other software development companies, is creating a start-up ecosystem that helps to develop web products.

Oh!STUDIO is a creative company that nourishes the Argentinean and Californian entrepreneur economy."


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