Saturday, June 05, 2010

BTS - premier, best-in-class experiential learning, support tools and results assurance company. say what?

BTS is the global leader in accelerating strategic alignment and execution.

For more than 20 years, BTS has been partnering with clients to build organizational commitment and the capability to deliver business results.

Our superior results are driven through: Business simulations and experiential learning solutions – the most effective way to help organizations understand, align and execute; in-depth customization – tailored delivery solutions, which provide relevant business context and real practice; and a results-focused approach that tracks performance and measures business impact.

Key Business Challenges We Help Solve

Leading corporations turn to BTS when faced with the following business challenges:

  • Aligning the organization from the senior leadership team through individual contributors around the company’s strategy and key performance objectives Accelerating strategy execution at the enterprise or business unit level
  • Improving business and financial decision making
  • Transforming sales organizations to be business accelerators
  • Enabling front line execution
  • Developing high potential/ next generation leaders
  • Implementing a culture of innovation
  • Integrating newly merged companies
  • Implementing value based performance measurement systems
  • Modeling complex value chains for collaborative cost elimination

Henrik Ekelund

Chief Executive Officer and President of BTS Group AB. See theLeadership page for more information.

Stefan Brown

Nacka, born 1963. CFO and vice President of BTS Group AB.
Employee of BTS since 1990.

Jonas Akerman

Connecticut, born 1963. President of BTS North America.
Employee of BTS since 1991.

As seen in WSJ:
"To make the simulation as realistic as possible, NetApp, a Sunnyvale, Calif., data-management company, hired BTS Group AB of Sweden. BTS staff spent months dissecting NetApp's business, analyzing financial statements and interviewing executives. They also reviewed a paper written by NetApp co-founder David Hitz, describing the actions he thought necessary to maintain rapid growth."


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