Friday, May 28, 2010 Startups that are hiring

NeuStep (Illinois, , United States)
NeuStep is looking for virtual tour/media companies and photographers for technology and channel partnerships.
Ranker (California, United States)
Ranker is looking for well rounded internet marketing / biz dev people, Java developers and intersto hire.
Peach Basket Development, LLC
Peach Basket Development, LLC (Arizona, United States)
Peach Basket Development is looking for a CFO, to join their team.
Capchure (California, United States)
Capture is looking for partners right now, people with technical expertise and familiarity with online lead generation standards should contact them now.
NearVerse (Pennsylvania, United States)
NearVerse has open positions for:
  • Application Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Services Engineer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Engineer in Wireless IP Networking
Cleargears (California, United States )
ClearGears seeks a technical leader in Ruby on Rails able to act as the lead architect of an Agile rails team. The successful candidate has several years of experience in ROR, application architecture, systems architecture, and has experience working with a virtual team. Duties include code reviews, architecting new features, planning for scaling and stability as usership rises, and overseeing the development team.
Gluster (California, United States)
Gluster is currently looking to fill the following positions:
  • Sales Engineer
  • Customer Service Engineer
  • Outside Sales Account Executive
SkillSlate (New York, United States)
SkillSlate which is like for finding local individual service providers, is now looking for a rockstar software developer in NYC.
Save This Place
Save This Place (California, United States)
Save This Place is going to hire Marketing, business development staff who will be in charge of corporate sponsorships and social media marketing in charge of building community.


(Rhode Island, United States )
Open poitions in Swipely:
  • Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails
  • Software Engineer - Operations
  • Front-End Developer
  • Software Engineering Internship

Ogmento Inc.

Ogmento Inc.
(New York, United States )
Ogmento is looking for technologists with a background in gaming and Augmented Reality to join their team.

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