Sunday, May 09, 2010 the next Shazam?

"Name - Audiggle

What is it - downloadable application for Windows that allows users to recognize music playing on their PC. The technology has been available for years on mobile phones (most notably Shazam) - but we believe we are the first to offer a truly comparable desktop based version.

When would you use it - Our users typically use our software when watching streaming video (e.g. Hulu, YouTube), listening to internet radio, watching a DVD, even gaming. There is no longer the need to spend hours searching Google for the name of a track you like - our software returns in automatically.

Extra Features - Once a query has been performed, there are lots of extra features available to the user (e.g. song lyrics, concert dates, artist information, music videos etc).

Cost - Free (we will shortly be introducing a premium version to allow extra features and quicker queries but we will maintain a free version as well)"

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