Thursday, February 04, 2010 IBM Acquires Master Data Mgmt co - Initiate Systems: Five Key Takeaways

"This morning, IBM announced that it was acquiring Initiate Systems, a leading provider in the customer data integration (CDI) and enterprise master patient index (EMPI) markets. For full coverage of the news, including potential implications for procurement and supplier management solutions, check out Spend Matters previous coverage of the announcement from earlier today. In the column, I tried to distill what CDI technology does by noting "Initiate's technology enables users (e.g., analysts, doctors, sales reps) to gain a unified perspective of a customer, patient, or entity across multiple fragmented data sources, in real time." I also explained how this is applicable to procurement and supplier management. But in a rush to get this story out, I neglected to prioritize a few key takeaways that are worth noting: ..."

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