Saturday, December 05, 2009 new visual tool for self-visualization in the Internet

Youtego is a new visual tool for self-visualization in the Internet.

We believe in the concept of "recognize yourself to recognize the world around you". This patented concept of self-visualization represents what you believe, feel, know, taught or capable of doing. That concept represents you.

The process of self-visualization in Youtego is a combination of semantics (word, phrase) and its visual representation (picture, photo), that you define and select-crop all by yourself. Ultimately, you get the combination or matrix of visual objects that you personally defined and visualized. That combination is younique, because you are younique! However the elements of that matrix (we call them Tegos) may match with people's Tegos anywhere in the world.

As a result, you start matching with people by elements (Tegos) that you defined and start experiencing this natural feeling that we all, humans possess - discovering the world of people, the world of self-similarities, the world of emotions around you. Aren't we doing that everyday all our life?

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Youtego LLC
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San Francisco, CA 94104
"Startup Youtego is bringing a new experience to social networking. It's all
about using images to define yourself, your life, and your interests, and in
the little while that I've been playing with my account, I'm already having
more fun than Facebook ever provided." by Tom Slater, VentureBeat

"If you believe in self-actualization as the final stage in Maslow's
hierarchy of needs, then perhaps Youtego's self-visualizations are a map to
achieving our highest potential." by Dana Oshiro, ReadWriteWeb

"Why it might be a killer?

The site stands as an effective way of getting to know others based on
subjective aspects, aspects that are traditionally very difficult to be
translated when it comes to web-based contact." by KillerStartups

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