Friday, December 04, 2009

Tech Trends in Asia - Interview with Steve Leonard, SVP and President of Asia EMC

Asia is where the adoption of new technologies is highest, believes Steven Leonard, senior VP & president, Asia Pacific and Japan at EMC Corporation. He sheds light on tech trend in Asia, with CNBC's Amanda Drury & Sri Jegarajah.
- Huge adoption across every country
- Internet usage rate is among highest in Korea.
- On whole, Japan not at forefront of adopting new technology. Want to be shown proof of concept
- India, important area for growth. $2B worth of new investment in India - partnerships, products. Represents great market for software R&D
- Goldman has stated growth in 2010. $3.3 trillion total market. tens of billions of dollars of growth
- Pent up demand. Purchases delayed
- EMC is optimistic. Fundamentals and investment plans for Enterprise and SMB are ready to see ROI
- Bullish in General