Friday, November 06, 2009

Marc Andreessen talks about Skype - $2B deal, 40 million new users, network-effect business

Netscape founder Marc Andreessen heads a group that takes a majority interest in Internet phone service provider Skype. $2 billion dollar deal. HP, eBay,
- Skype added 40 million new registered users in the last three months.
- Skype did $185 million in revenue last quarter.
- Right now, it charges to connect calls into and out of the phone system.
- The global market for international long distance is $40 billion right now and Skype has only a small percentage of that.


Amanda said...

I am a believer or Marc and anything he touches.

He has the Midas touch.

Did you catch that comment in the video?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad ebay still owns some percentage of this. It will be good to track how well this non-core asset does for them.

Ebay - the best corporate non-vc out there?

Anonymous said...

They are the berkshire hathaway of technology or is that Cisco? 150 plus deals

Anonymous said...

Great insight from Marc. He is quite eloquent for an engineer.

Scott B said...

I respect him but respect the man you write about below more John Chambers

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think he is overextended in his current capacity...with that said, VC is back

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

he has a way with words in a geeky nerdy optimistic sort of way

Harry said...

God bless all the innovative silicon valley entrepreneurs

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