Sunday, November 01, 2009

Comparison: Google Android vs. Apple iPhone

Discussing whether Google's android can outbeat Apple's iPhone, with Brian Marshall, Broadpoint Amtech; Andrew Nusca, ZDNet; and CNBC's Dennis Kneale.


Anonymous said...

fair points. the iphone has a few years lead , however i think there are imminent threats from google, palm, and hardware vendors , nokia, motorola.

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KHADIJAH said...

i have the tmobile mytouch. its an htc phone with android google software. i have friends with iphones and there is nothing significant that their phones can do that my android cant. it doesnt have as many apps as iphone but that is only because iphone has been out longer, therefore having more time for developers to create more apps (most are duplicates of more popular apps or apps that are useless to the average person with a life!) all in all, android/google is definitely a worthy opponent of the apple OS. iphone users eat your heart out!lol:-)

KHADIJAH said...

o! and u can get insurance for google phones.. i phones are out in the cold if its lost, stolen o falls in the again