Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bullish China.com blog: Global VC Blog-The Top of Top List (www.bullschina.com)

The Global VC Blog Directory (# of Subs)

  1. Guy Kawasaki, Garage Technology Ventures, How To Change The World (24,356)
  2. Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures, A VC (21,881)
  3. Paul Graham, YCombinator, Paul Graham: Essays (16,721)
  4. Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital, Above The Crowd (8,897)
  5. David Hornik, August Capital, VentureBlog (8,037)
  6. Brad Feld, Foundry Group, Feld Thoughts (7,543)
  7. Marc Andreesen, TBD, Blog.pmarca.com (5,727)
  8. Ed Sim, Dawntreader Ventures, Beyond VC (4,162)
  9. Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital, Redeye VC (4,071)
  10. Jeremy Liew, Lightspeed Ventures Partners, LSVP (3,512)
  11. Seth Levine, Foundry Group, VC Adventure (1,569)
  12. David Cowan, Bessemer Venture Partners, Who Has Time For This? (1,526)
  13. Christopher Allen, Alacrity Ventures, Life With Alacrity (1,419)
  14. Dave McClure, Founders Fund, Master of 500 Hats (1,417)
  15. Multiple Authors, Union Square Ventures, Union Square Ventures Blog (1,365)
  16. Peter Rip, Crosslink Capital, EarlyStageVC (1,107)
  17. Rick Segal, JLA Ventures, The Post Money Value (1,043)
  18. Mike Hirshland, Polaris Venture Partners, VC Mike’s Blog (1,038)
  19. Jeff Bussgang, Flybridge Capital Partners, Seeing Both Sides (1,018)
  20. Mendelson/Feld, Foundry Group, Ask The VC (1,017)
  21. Tim Oren, Pacifica Fund, Due Diligence (924)
  22. Jeff Clavier, SoftTech VC, Software Only (878)
  23. Mike Speiser, SutterHill Ventures, Laserlike (869)
  24. Matt McCall, DFJ Portage Venture Partners, VC Confidential (661)
  25. Stu Phillips, Ridgelift Ventures, Soaring on Ridgelift (597)
  26. Eric Friedman, Union Square Ventures, Marketing.fm (572)
  27. Jason Caplain, Southern Capitol Ventures, Southeast VC (531)
  28. Jason Mendelson, Foundry Group, Mendelson’s Musings (522)
  29. Nic Brisbourne, Esprit Capital Partners, The Equity Kicker (517)
  30. Scott Maxwell, Openview Venture Partners, Now What? (483)
  31. Albert Wenger, Union Square Ventures, Continuations (477)
  32. Ryan McIntyre, Foundry Group, McInblog (463)
  33. Larry Cheng, Fidelity Ventures, Thinking About Thinking (433)
  34. David Beisel, Venrock Associates, GenuineVC (429)
  35. Raj Kapoor, Mayfield Fund, The VC In Me (415)
  36. Will Price, Hummer Winblad, Will Price (412)
  37. Howard Morgan, First Round Capital, Way Too Early (401)
  38. Dan Grossman, Venrock Associates, A Venture Forth (365)
  39. Matt Suster, GRP Partners, Both Sides of the Table (355)
  40. Christine Herron, First Round Capital, Christine.net (354)
  41. Baris Karadogan, Com Ventures, From Istanbul to Sand Hill Road (349)
  42. Fred Destin, Atlas Venture, Fred Destin’s Blog (343)
  43. Rob Day, @Ventures, Cleantech Investing (323)
  44. David Feinleib, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Tech, Startups, Capital, Ideas. (319)
  45. Saul Klein, Index Ventures, LocalGlo.be (315)
  46. Vineet Buch, BlueRun Ventures, Venture Explorer (313)
  47. Ouriel Ohayon, Lightspeed Gemini Internet Lab, MYBLOG by Ouriel (307)
  48. Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital, Bijan Sabet (296)
  49. Steve Jurvetson, DFJ, The J-Curve (274)
  50. Philippe Botteri, Bessemer Venture Partners, Cracking the Code (263)
  51. Andrew Parker, Union Square Ventures, The Gong Show (257)
  52. Mark Peter Davis, DFJ Gotham Ventures, Venture Made Transparent (237)
  53. Rob Finn, Edison Venture, Ventureblogalist (236)
  54. Marc Goldberg, Occam Capital, Occam’s Razor (233)
  55. Allen Morgan, Mayfield Fund, Allen’s Blog (231)
  56. James Chen, CXO Ventures, PureVC (228)
  57. Daniel Cohen, Israel Venture Partners, Israel Venture Capital 2.0 (223)
  58. David Aronoff, Flybridge Capital Partners, Diary of a Geek VC (222)
  59. Max Bleyleben, Kennet Partners, Technofile Europe (219)
  60. Jason Ball, Qualcomm Ventures Europe, TechBytes (213)
  61. Jeremy Levine, Bessemer Venture Partners, Nothing Venture, Nothing Gained (210)
  62. Rob Hayes, First Round Capital, Permanent Record (206)
  63. Michael Eisenberg, Benchmark Capital, Six Kids and a Full Time Job (194)
  64. Pascal Levensohn, Levensohn Venture Partners, pascalsview (193)
  65. Chris Fralic, First Round Capital, Nothing To Say (187)
  66. Sagi Rubin, Virgin Green Fund, The Grass is Greener (182)
  67. Richard Dale, Sigma Partners, Venture Cyclist (176)
  68. Steve Brotman, Silicon Alley Venture Partners, VC Ball (167)
  69. Dan Rua, Inflexion Partners, Florida Venture Blog (160)
  70. Paul Fisher, Advent Venture Partners, The Coffee Shops of Mayfair (159)
  71. John Ludwig, Ignition Partners, A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way (157)
  72. Sarah Tavel, Bessemer Venture Partners, Adventurista (156)
  73. Martin Tobias, Ignition Partners, Deep Green Crystals (152)
  74. Stewart Alsop, Alsop-Louie Partners, Alsop-Louie Partners (150)
  75. Rob Go, Spark Capital, Rob Go Blog (148)
  76. Matt Winn, Chrysalis Ventures, Punctuative! (148)
  77. Ho Name, Altos Ventures, Altos Ventures Musings (147)
  78. George Zachary, Charles River Ventures, Sense and Cents (145)
  79. Jacob Ner-David, Jerusalem Capital, VC In Jerusalem (144)
  80. Kent Goldman, First Round Capital, The Cornice (144)
  81. Satya Patel, Battery Ventures, Venture Generated Content (140)
  82. Ed Mlavsky, Gemini Israel Funds, GOLB: Is This Israel? (139)
  83. Michael Greeley, Flybridge Capital Partners, On The Flying Bridge (138)
  84. Rich Tong, Ignition Partners, Tongfamily (136)
  85. Sid Mohasseb, Tech Coast Angels, Sid Mohasseb (133)
  86. Rachel Strate, EPIC Ventures, Wasatch Girl (129)
  87. Marc Averitt, Okapi Venture Capital, OC VC (128)
  88. Peter Lee, Baroda Ventures, Seeing Eye To Eye (128)
  89. Mo Koyfman, Spark Capital, Mo Koyfman (127)
  90. Justin Label, Bessemer Venture Partners, Venture Again (126)
  91. Ted Driscoll, Claremont Creek Ventures, Evolving VC (126)
  92. Adam Fisher, Bessemer Venture Partners, Savants in the Levant (124)
  93. Gregoire Aladjidi, Techfund Europe, Investing In What’s Next (123)
  94. Todd Dagres, Spark Capital, Todd Dagres Tumblelog (123)
  95. Multiple Authors, Foundry Group, Foundry Group (121)
  96. Santo Politi, Spark Capital, This and That (121)
  97. Multiple Authors, True Ventures, Early Stage Capital (120)
  98. Lee Hower, Point Judith Capital, Venturesome (118)
  99. Robert Goldberg, Ridgelift Ventures, Tahoe VC (117)
  100. Multiple Authors, Highway 12 Ventures, Highway 12 Ventures Group (109)
  101. John Abraham, Arrowpoint Ventures, JMA’s Views On Everything (105)
  102. David Dufresne, Desjardins Venture Capital, Dav-Generated Content (101)
  103. Brad Burnham, Union Square Ventures, Unfinished Work (100)
  104. Charles Curran, Valhalla Partners, VC Blog (99)
  105. Brian Hirsch, Greenhill SAVP, New York VC (99)
  106. Max Niederhofer, Atlas Venture, Life In The J Curve, baby (97)
  107. Multiple Authors, Brightspark Ventures, Let the Sparks Fly! (97)
  108. Jon Seeber, Updata Partners, Jon’s Ventures (96)
  109. Todd Klein, Legend Ventures, Media VC (96)
  110. Adi Pundak-Mintz, Gemini Israel Funds, Adisababa’s Weblog (95)
  111. Don Rainey, Grotech Ventures, VC in DC (94)
  112. Art Marks, Valhalla Partners, Entrepreneurial Quest (90)
  113. Multiple Authors, Founders Fund, Founders Fund (90)
  114. Rob Schultz, IllinoisVENTURES, Go Big or Go Home (88)
  115. Allan Veeck, Pittsburgh Ventures, Pittsburgh Ventures (87)
  116. Greg Foster, Noro-Moseley Ventures, SouthernVC (83)
  117. Tony Tjan, Cue Ball Capital, Anthony Tjan (69)
  118. Cem Sertoglu, iLab Ventures, SortiPreneur (67)
  119. Ryan Spoon, Polaris Venture Partners, ryanspoon.com (67)
  120. Anupendra Sharma, Siemens Venture Capital, So Little Time, So Much… (25)
  121. Steve Jurvetson, DFJ, Uploads from Jurvetson (25)
  122. Jeff Joseph, Prescient Capital Partners, Venture Populist (21)
  123. Gil Dibner, Genesis Partners, TechTLV (18)
  124. Multiple Authors, Tech Capital Partners, Tech Capital Partners Blog (15)
  125. David B. Lerner, Columbia Seed Fund, David B. Lerner (12)
  126. Multiple Authors, Walden Venture Capital, Walden Views and News (11)
  127. Simon Olson, DFJ-Fir Capital, Venture Capital Thoughts and Reflections (11)
  128. Derek Pilling, Meritage Funds, Non-Linear VC (8)
  129. Josh Sookman, RBC Ventures, Ubiquitous Startups and the VC (6)
  130. Vishy Venugopalan, Longworth Venture Partners, Longworth Venture Partners Blog(2)
  131. Chip Hazard, Flybridge Capital Partners, Hazard Lights (new)


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