Sunday, August 30, 2009 10 really cool websites for the iPhone

"Here are a few really cool websites designed for the iPhone and other mobile phones:
  • Zoho Office Suite. While Google Docs is the most popularonline office suite, Zoho is the best and most comprehensive set of web applications. The mobile version of the site gives you access to your word processing docs, spreadsheets, presentations, creator docs, calander and Zoho mail.
  • Do you wish you could get MobileMe's ability to store files on the web without paying any money? is your ticket. You can store any file and easily access them from your home computer or laptop, and there's a nice app to get at the files from you iPhone. The free account gives you 1 GB in storage, and you can also use to collaborate on documents by sharing apps with friends and co-workers.
  • Google Books. Google is hoping to create the world's most comprehensive database of books, and you can easily get at it on your iPhone through their mobile interface. There's a ton of public domain books available, and you are able to scan the contents of many published books to get a sneak peek and figure out if it is worth the purchase.
  • Digg. Social news can be a great way to find the hottest and most popular stories without being handfed what Yahoo or CNN wants you to read. The mobile Digg website will let you switch from categories and browse the most dug articles on the web.
  • iWeathr. This neat site designed specifically for the iPhone will give you access to a fun animated radar and also lets you access various weather webcams around your metroplex. A pretty cool website for weather nerds.
  • iPhoneToolbox's Daily Wallpaper. Tired of the same old boring picture as your wallpaper?iPhoneToolbox has put together a great listing of wallpapers that are designed specifically for the iPhone, so no worrying about whether or not it is cropped right.
  • Meebo. This is a great way to stay in touch with everyone by hooking into various different instant messaging clients and social networks all from one place. Meebo is really handy if you have one set of friends on AIM and another on Facebook and another on MySpace, etc.
  • Google Reader. If you like to keep up with news from a lot of different sites, a solid RSS readeris a must, and Google Reader is among the best RSS readers on the web. The iPhone optimized version of the site makes it really easy to keep up with all of your web feeds.
  • Spin the Bottle. This is a really cool website for those times when you've been drinking with a mixed group and want to add a little bit of excitement to it above and beyond the run-of-the-mill game of quarters.
  • Web on your Cell. One of my biggest pet peeves is the number of times I'm regulated to a mobile version of a site when I can easily read the full site from my iPhone, but there are also some times when I could hit one of those less-cluttered sites when all I want is a specific piece of information or I just want to read an article. Web on your Cell is a cool website to bookmark because it will give you access to a lot of sites designed for mobile phones, keeping you from having to individually bookmark them."

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