Sunday, August 02, 2009

Apperian: Smart gets Smarter - raises seed funding from CommonAngels

Apperian announces a $1 million Series A venture capital round led by CommonAngels.

Apperian makes enterprise-class iPhone applications for companies seeking to engage consumers in new, innovative ways and enhance productivity among their employees and partners.

With iPhone technology transforming the way we do business, it’s no longer just a phone—it’s a true platform. Apperian is defining ways to achieve the most robust commercial and enterprise solutions that transform user experience.

“We have been incredibly impressed by the team as well as their customers’ vision and passion for the possibilities on this platform and beyond,” said James Geshwiler, Managing Director of CommonAngels. Maia Heymann and Peter McKay from CommonAngels will join Chairman Vinit Nijhawan on the board of directors.

“We started working with Fortune 1000 companies on new applications back when we were at Apple,” said CEO Chuck Goldman, “Although Apple worked to build several initial iPhone Applications for its enterprise customers, the goal was to further the adoption of the iPhone platform within the enterprise and then step back to let the market build more apps.” Nijhawan added, “Apple's focus is to create and empower a strong ecosystem of developers that are building great applications for the iPhone and subsequently Mac OS X. It is a great opportunity to create a company that helps Apple achieve that goal.”

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