Tuesday, June 09, 2009

NextIO raises Series D funding of $15MM bringing total to $55MM

NextIO provider of next-generation I/O solutions announced is has received a $15 million round of Series D funding. The new funding will be used to expand NextIO's sales, marketing and support and will allow the company to accelerate the delivery of its second-generation of Express Connect™ products.

Founded in 2003, NextIO, Inc. is a leader in next-generation I/O virtualization solutions for today's dynamic data center in a variety of industries including enterprise, telecommunications, digital media and financial services. With its innovative Adaptive Connect™ platform, NextIO offers the unique ability to virtualize I/O technology on any server, operating system, hypervisor and storage architecture. Leveraging PCI Express, NextIO offers true I/O virtualization for any end-point technology. Adaptive Connect delivers unprecedented rack-level scalability, with I/O and server resources that can be scaled independently for 50-70% savings in capital, power, and cooling. NextIO's any-to-any I/O connectivity boosts performance and reliability while streamlining IT deployment, simplifying administration and reducing costs.

"NextIO is without question the leader in I/O virtualization," said K.C. Murphy, CEO, NextIO. "With our second-generation products, we will have the ability to completely virtualize all PCIe I/O, allowing any blade or rack server to access any PCIe I/O device as part of a virtual pool of resources. NextIO appreciates the strong support and enthusiastic backing of our investors, and we are moving aggressively to take advantage of the huge market opportunity in data center solutions and rack-level I/O virtualization."

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