Monday, June 22, 2009

Forbes: Apply for America's Most Promising Companies

"To apply for consideration as one of America's Most Promising Companies, please answer all the questions as honestly as possible. (Qualified investors will uncover any weaknesses soon enough.)
TVA Radar Graph

You may want to:

  • Keep a business plan at hand as a reference guide.
  • Stop and save your work as necessary.

Upon completion, you will:

  • Receive an instant graphical snapshot of how your company stacks up to an ideal one in the same industry and at a similar stage in development.
  • Be automatically considered for a spot on the Forbes list of America's Most Promising Companies, with the opportunity to win a business consultation with a celebrity entrepreneur.

The highest scorers will be given fast-track status for a funding term sheet with TVA Capital (TVA's investment banking side) and its funding partners.

Thank you for filling out the survey. It just might be the best investment you'll ever make in this economy."

RT @ForbesAMPC: If you think you're one of America's most promising companies check out and tweet #forbesampc

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