Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mark Logic, provider of information-centric applications, raises $12.5 Million in funding from Sequoia

Mark Logic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information-centric applications, serving industries including media, government, software, transportation, and healthcare, closed a $12.5 million round of financing led by Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital.
"Mark Logic is a strong company, poised for continued growth," said Mark Kvamme, partner at Sequoia Capital. "Mark Logic's combination of unique technology, an exceptional team, and a disciplined go-to market strategy creates the opportunity for it to be a break-out company in the information technology space."

"I am happy to have this opportunity to put additional fuel in the tank to help sustain our high rate of growth," said Dave Kellogg, chief executive officer of Mark Logic Corporation. "We're thrilled to be a leader in the unstructured data management revolution, and look forward to a bright future helping organizations unlock the value that's currently trapped in the 80 percent of enterprise information that is not well handled by traditional systems."

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