Sunday, May 31, 2009

Forget octomom - this guy has 21 kids!

"Desmond Hatchett, 29 has children range in age from newborn to 11. There are at least 11 mothers; probably several more. Had 4 kids in 1 year, twice!!! The mothers of Hatchett's children are supposed to get anywhere from $25 to $309 a month, but when his paycheck is garnished amongst them all, some women only get a $1.98 a month.
Rumor has it that 2 minors are pregnant right now by him, and many of the mothers are high-schoolers!!!! He is also on the way to prison for probation violation."


Anonymous said...

How incredibly sad. This man should be put on a child predator list.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not in Tennessee