Saturday, May 23, 2009

Digital Chocolate CEO and Former Electronic Arts Founder Trip Hawkins Discusses Trends in iPhone Apps

William M. 'Trip' Hawkins III (born December 28, 1953) is a Silicon Valley American entrepreneur and founder of Electronic Arts, The 3DO Company and Digital Chocolate.
Digital Chocolate is the world's most efficient producer of high quality, original games across mass-market casual platforms. With offices in San Mateo, Helsinki, Bangalore, and Barcelona, the company offers more than 60 award-winning games, including Tower Bloxx and AvaPeeps, with a focus on casual, social, and mobile play that is offered globally over both wired and wireless networks. Digital Chocolate was founded in 2003 by CEO Trip Hawkins, who was also the founder and CEO of Electronic Arts.


Anonymous said...

He's an incredible guy. I had a chance to meet him early in my career.
I was blown away.

Anonymous said...

smrt smart smart guy

CEO said...

I just happened to read your article and I will recommend it to anyone I know. It was fascinating and you should receive praise for it.

Anonymous said...

what have you done for me lately?