Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cotendo: Benchmark, Sequoia Content Delivery deal

"Cotendo, a content delivery network and innovator of software-focused CDN technologies, today announced immediate availability of its advanced Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) service for maximizing the performance of dynamic data-based sites and Web applications. With Cotendo DSA, Internet content providers significantly increase the performance of non-cacheable dynamic web content while at the same time increasing efficiency and reducing loads on their origin servers.

Cotendo DSA will play a critical role in the comprehensive delivery strategies that a growing number of content providers are implementing. Fully integrated in the Cotendo Content Delivery Applications Suite, it allows 'whole site' control of dynamic and static content through a single management interface, as well as the efficiency and performance benefits of delivery from an integrated delivery platform.

"Cotendo Dynamic Site Acceleration is a key application in our complete suite of Internet content delivery applications geared to meet the sophisticated and evolving needs of mid-market content providers," said Ronni Zehavi, Cotendo's CEO.

For online electronics retailer, Cotendo DSA provides important capabilities for achieving a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing online consumer electronics industry. DSA ensures fast delivery of dynamic non-cacheable content, augmenting the Cotendo CDN's unmatched performance in the delivery of traditional static content. The result: is able to provide crisp, immediate response to every customer request across its entire site, even during the highest traffic periods such as holidays and special promotions. moved to Cotendo from a large, well-established CDN to access Cotendo's DSA and other advanced applications, including real-time content control and CDN balancing. According to Michael Dy, the e-tailer's IT manager, enjoyed improved site performance immediately upon moving to Cotendo. "We never thought we would move from our previous CDN, but it was clear that Cotendo could give us capabilities we never had access to before," Dy said. "We're able to monitor and respond to activity in real time, which helps us support peak activity levels. Clearly our page response time has improved, which creates a better customer experience and helps us convert Web search to revenue. We could not be more pleased with Cotendo."

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