Monday, May 18, 2009

Comments from Twitter Founder Biz Stone Suggesting Enterprise Monetization Plans....sometime in the near future

Recent comments by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone particularly how Twitter is searching for ways to make money from its popularity.

- "Twitter is planning to introduce tools for businesses by year end and may charge fees for such services," co-founder Biz Stone said.

- "We're looking at who's using Twitter and for what"

- "Are there any commercial usages that are making a lot of sense?"

- Stone said "phase one" of that effort was spent collecting intelligence on how people use the service.

- The second phase will see Twitter launching tools and services on top of free micro-blogging, aimed at companies that wish to use Twitter to message customers.

- It will be "simple stuff" such as lightweight analytics, Stone said. He reiterated the company's commitment to keeping the service free for everyone but added:

- "If there is a way we can go above and beyond, and they (companies) can improve bottom line by offering services we can offer for a fee, (we) will do that."

Visitors to Twitter jumped 83 per cent in April from the previous month, to reach 17 million, according to comScore data.


I Am Agel said...

Yes..I saw it coming..just a matter of time Biz.....I already started this going.....See my blog and give me heads up on anything I can use to make money with opr by promoting Twitter....
Over 6000 new members here in the last 6 hours..

elle said...

Definitely, just a matter of time. Hoping it will be tools and not premium account or something, but will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Love that comic by the way... too funny!

Anonymous said...

they need to keep twitter. FREE FREE FREE.

not FEE FEE FEE based

Anonymous said...

83% growth. Very exciting times for twitter.

IPO here we go.