Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manticore Technology - Next Gen sales lead generation, 100+ customers

Interesting company and solution set. Customers include Jaspersoft, Riverbed Technology, Intellitactics, Red Seal Systems, and Liquid Machines. Company does not appear to be venture funded and is led by Jeff Erramouspe (ex Vignette/Compaq).

Manticore demand generation platforms for B2B marketers for any size company with any level of sophistication. Company works with startup looking to make your mark or a multi-national.

- Deliver powerful SAAS demand generation solutions which enables B2B marketers to generate more leads.
- Identify which leads are ready to buy
- Nurture less-qualified leads through the pipeline
- NO implementation costs, NO consulting costs, NO setup costs

Why Demand generation is a growing trend and Manticore is the best solution:
- Faster and more efficient way to market ebusinesses
- Increased revenue and improved marketing effectiveness
- Implemented with complete CRM integration in one-hour.
- Unique, multi-tenant architecture creates a highly configurable environment that can save valuable resources, reduce time-to-impact and accelerate ROI


Mark said...

Thanks. Interestinf company to track. I'm surprised they have 100 customers to date.

Ted said...

how much do they charge?

Jen said...

Seems like a competitor to