Friday, April 17, 2009

CNET: Single girls match bachelors on tech toys

Forrester Research survey released yesterday found that single women rival single men as tech device owners survey released Thursday.
A few interesting statistics:
* Single women prefer laptops while single men prefer desktops.
* Among the adult singles surveyed, 47 percent of women said their next computer would be a laptop, and 29 percent said it would be a desktop, while 47 percent of men said their next computer would be a desktop and 38 percent said it would be a laptop.
* As for hand-held devices, 27 percent of single women surveyed count themselves as owners while 29 percent of single men said they have one, according to the study. Single women, meanwhile, surpassed single men slightly on digital-camera ownership, 78 percent to 76 percent.
* Fewer than 20 percent of single women said they followed technology news, compared to less than 40 percent of single men.


Anonymous said...

funny cartoon. I agree . Chicks rule! Guys Drool

lilyruth said...

Single women do love their toys especially their sex toys. Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

: P

Anonymous said...

I am quite surprised so many women use XM sirius radio.

Anonymous said...

I am NOT surprised by the use of WOMEN and MEN on their DIGITAL CAMERAS

perry said...

I like this. It is good see difference in men and women buying pattern.