Friday, March 06, 2009

PEHUB: Lamond Opens Up: “If They Think It’s Acrimonious, That’s Sequoia’s Problem”

So why the antipathy, if there is any, between you and Sequoia?

That’s their problem if they think it’s acrimonious. I spent 27 years there and I do have quite a bit of interest left in the funds, so it’s not to my advantage to have an uncivil relationship with Sequoia.

Let’s talk more about your involvement now at Khosla Ventures. Will you more of less be making your own investments out of its offices?

I’ll do both my own investing, and I’ll do some investment with and for Khosla Ventures and in some cases, go on the board, representing Khosla. I’ll also, in some cases, invest alongside the firm. Vinod has offered me maximum flexibility, while at the same time, access to exceptional deal flow in high tech and clean tech. Time will tell if his firm is successful financially, but Vinod still has an excellent reputation and [that shows in the companies that come through the door].

So just to be clear, you are not a GP.


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