Sunday, March 01, 2009

Kindle commentary

- underestimated demand on kindle 1
- ramped up capacity for kindle 2
- on sale since feb 24
- can be a significant revenue driver one day (but not today)

- in the future, people will read the kindle way. customers will adopt this.
- great battery power (2 wks w/out recharging)
- great display w/ eink; 16 shades of grey. crisper
- page turning is 20% faster than traditional kindle
- talks to you (txt to speech mode; amzn owns audible)
- sync capability
- key feature of physical book is that it disappears when you are reading. for this device, that was the #1 design objective. Kindle has to disappear and let reader be encapsulated by what they're reading
- 1.5k books on this; 22 magazine; working on long tail up to 240k books and more
- sells for $359 (price hasn't changed)

- goal: every book printed any time w/in 60 seconds.


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