Wednesday, February 04, 2009

YouNoodle - interesting concept, but...

..tough to build a venture/startup rating and community site... wonder if YouNoodle’s financial backers Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, and the Founders Fund will back them for series A given the macro headwinds..hmmm

How does it work?
YouNoodle's model is based on rigorous quantitative analysis of historical data and the application of the latest relevant theory.

What type of startups qualify?
Any startup can try it. The first version of the model has been optimized for Internet startups before they have raised funding.

What type of data is used in the prediction?
The model focuses on the team (backgrounds, education, dynamics between team members), advisors (backgrounds, track record), financial factors, and company concept.

Will my data be public?
The answers given during the test are private. Everyone on YouNoodle has a public profile (name, headline, resume), and you may choose to publish a public startup page at the end.

Is this for real?
Banks have used quantitative models to assess business loans for more than 20 years. Can you imagine the insurance industry without the use of computers? VCs, angels, entrepreneurs and service providers have extremely difficult decisions to make when investing their cash and time in startups. In the United States alone, $67 billion in cash was invested in startups in 2007. Our goal is to provide technology to help ensure these resources are used most effectively.

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Anonymous said...

and the old adage goes something like.....

Past results do not guarantee future performance