Saturday, February 28, 2009

Notes on Andreesen's Charlie Rose interview

Andreesen comments:

1. On Facebook:
- Goog is the next msft, and fbook the next goog.
- fbook building own organic biz model; not taking normal advertisement. they are undermonetized
- 6th largest country, on its way to 500m users
- confusion around 15b valuation because of preferred stock.

Facebook vision: connect EVERYONE on the planet
175m ppl online, 6b on planet, 3b w/ electricity,
175M --->3B is a HUGE opp

2. Ning
- 20m users
- 2m users a month
- 1m social networks on ning (a lot of porn! which andreeesen
- Ning like Yahoo Groups; Andreesen belongs to dozen groups

3. Andreesen /personal
- on bod of facebook
- new fund
- angel investor in linkedin; top jobs site, 20m resumes on linkedin

4. Obama
- use of social networking fundamentally changing politics
- obama on youtube, etc.
- youtube does make money ($200m+)
- youtube/fbook are undermonetized assets; can easily monetize

5. Viacom/Youtube
- suing youtube is wrong
- they should use a "buyitnow" button vs. suing them

6. Next big idea?
- innovation is dead? (Andy Grove and Judy Estron think so)
- cloud computing a big deal
* AMZN s3, etc.
- Cloud computing is enabling the next Zuckerbergs

7. Mobile has arrived
- catalysts/ingredients: 3G, content, handsets,
- iphone is a template; copycats to follow
- iphone is first mobile computer (distribution, phone, network, apps, OS, ecosystem, etc)
* first time someone built a game changer device
* real OS that really makes things possible
- Ning and fbook - huge opp in mobile

8. Qik
- Live streaming to internet or phones
- 3B phones, 3B mkt for streaming

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