Tuesday, February 03, 2009

marketwire: RNA networks Brings Memory Virtualization Into the Enterprise Data Center

"RNA networks, a leader in memory virtualization software that transforms server memory into a shared network resource, today announced the launch of its Memory Virtualization Platform (MVP) and first product, RNAmessenger, based on the MVP. Memory Virtualization unleashes high-performance computing from existing commodity hardware by decoupling memory from the processor and server. Uniquely, the RNA Memory Virtualization Platform is transparent to existing applications and operating systems allowing enterprises to leverage their existing IT assets with no changes.
"Reliance on fragmented local server memory has been a key roadblock to optimizing performance in data center clusters, but memory virtualization eliminates size limits and slashes access times by providing distributed shared memory for all CPUs in a cluster," said Eyal Waldman, Chairman, President and CEO, Mellanox Technologies. "By combining RNA Networks' Memory Virtualization with Mellanox Technologies' unrivaled connectivity performance, data center architects can achieve new levels of performance with high efficiency and lower costs."
RNA networks' software improves utilization of existing data center resources, and provides a high-performance alternative to data center investments aimed at addressing the limitations of memory availability. Businesses that utilize memory virtualization are experiencing increased top line results because of the large performance boost directly attributable to memory virtualization. All of this is accomplished with no changes to the IT infrastructure.
"For years, distributed processing, whether across WANs, LANS, backplanes and now multiple cores has suffered from I/O and memory constraints," said Glen Van Datta, Vice President of Engineering, Trion World. "To create a rich user experience will inevitably require a large distributed pool of shared memory across the IT environment. RNA's Memory Virtualization is exciting technology in this arena."
RNA Memory Virtualization Platform and RNAmessenger"

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