Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 reasons the market is in trouble

"1.    The Sunday paper costs more than NYT stock

 2.    The Citi ATM fee costs more than C stock

 3.    The paper that a mortgage is written on costs more than FRE stock

 4.    A subscription to Sirius Satellite radio would cost more than
 5.    A gallon of gas costs more than F stock

 6.    One ride costs more than SIX (Six Flags) stock

 7.    A bottle of soda costs more than JSDA stock

 8.    A 5 minute long distance phone call costs more than VG
 9.    A 5 stick pack of gum costs more than RAD (Rite-Aid) stock

 10.   The strawberries in a smoothie cost more than JMBA (Jamba)"


Rahil Pirani said...

That's hilarious! Calling a Mortgage company cost more than FNM stock!

Elidet Reyes said...

It's ok, it's as if the stock market is having a sale.

So far, I've bought a lot of cheap stocks!

Mostly in green technology and great companies that have been around for a while.

Eventually, it will reverse again. By then, I'll be selling my stocks to all the suckers who like to buy high.

Anonymous said...

I love single digit stocks that either go to zero or to 10.

I'm getting better expected return than roulette.